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We are a small, family-owned farm and seed company located in Bullock County, Alabama, thirty miles southeast of Montgomery. Our farming roots go back to the mid-nineteenth century when our great, great grandfather moved to this area, bought a small tract of land and began to make a living on its relatively poor soil. Successive generations of our family have looked for ways to improve the prospects of a farm which, like so many others, has often operated near the margins of profitability. A major advancement came in the early 1950's when our father and his three brothers (the Sims Brothers) realized the potential of legumes as a cost-effective source of forage and a way to improve the land. The motto of their burgeoning seed business was, "Plant a paying crop, and leave the land better."

Sericea Lespedeza is one of the crops with which Sims Brothers has worked since that time. This hardy legume thrives on low-fertility, highly acidic soils. It compares favorably to other pasture grasses as a source of protein for ruminants and is an excellent soil-builder. Its deep root system enables sericea to withstand drought better than most other crops. Through the years, we have cooperated with the Agricultural Extension System at Auburn University in the propagation of new varieties of sericea. We hold exclusive rights to produce and market certified seed for several of these varieties, including the newest variety, AU Grazer®.

AU Grazer® is an excellent crop for producers who want to make the most of marginal soils. Bred to withstand grazing and/or haying, AU Grazer® provides a high-quality, low-cost source of nutrition. Furthermore, AU Grazer® has been proven to significantly reduce intestinal parasites in goats and sheep. Sims Brothers, Inc. is now pleased to offer certified AU Grazer® seed for wholesale and retail sale. For information about availability and pricing, please contact us service@simsbrothers.com

AU Grazer® is a trademark of Auburn University, Auburn, AL. Sims Brothers, Inc. has exclusive rights granted by Auburn University to produce and market certified AU Grazer® seed.
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